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Brand Poobah

I define Brand as an expression of Trust.

Everyone knows that people do business with people they know, like and trust. 

But how do you get to trust?

There is a shortcut.

Networking Ninja

There is a secret to answering the question, "What you do?" whether you are networking, building a website, presenting a proposal or in any way trying to clarify your services for a potential client or referral source.

30-Second Marketing replaces that tired "elevator pitch."  Go from stranger to Trusted Advisor in 30 seconds or less.

Marketing Rainmaker

This former ad agency and PR firm CEO is an expert at business development.

Jerry founded his consulting company,

 Z-axis Marketing Inc, in 1990. The practice is dedicated to building trust-based marketing strategies that make rain for professionals and small companies that want to take it up a notch on and off-line.


Shortcut to Brand

No matter where you are in the ongoing saga of your life or business the single most important reason for long-term success is Brand

The way I see it: Brand is an expression of Trust.

My  job as Brand Poobah is to get you the business building knowledge you need  to get to trust...and your brand: Personal, Professional, Coach, Consultant, Company, or Product. 

Delivered for you as a keynote , breakout or workshop.

30-Second Marketing*

Every sale begins with a conversation.              Every sale.

But  when you have to start from never having met the person and you are in a non-sales setting you are going to have to say and do the right thing just to  continue the conversation .

This way you will know instantly whether or not they are interested.

Thirty Second Marketing trains you to talk with them not at them.  You will learn how to "read" the person and become an astute judge of their interest. Based on the latest behavioral psychology findings 

*Our most popular program. Interactive. Available as Keynote, Breakout or Workshop for Associations and Corporations.

Signature Stories & Wisdom in Webinars

When you make the point with a story, it sticks. Each of us want to hear the tale. Here are some  of Jerry's most requested stories:

Margie, the Galactic Commander

A String of Pearls

Tyler and the Shortest Distance

Wisdom in Webinars:

How to Change Contacts to Contacts

Secrets of a Networking Ninja

How to Work a Room


Jim Grew Management Consultant Founder, The Grew Company

"I doubled my revenue year over year since I became the business defogger and accelerator."

Nancy Harkrider, Director, KDi Americas

"You walk the talk, exemplifying the essence of transparency and trust, a  truth-sayer in a world sorely in need of more people like you."

Brandi Ebner, Executive Director, Oregon Horse Country

 "Before you leave could you check your calendar so we can book you for next year. Folks that saw you said we had to have you back" 

Manoj Garg, Founder, Virtual Information Executives

"Jerry taught me and my team that the shortcut to trust is a personal touch."

Shell Tain, Money Coach, Founder $ensible Coaching

"If you want to get our business on track, 

find out what to improve, and GET IT DONE, 

he's your guy."

Geoff Rhoads, Founder, Chief Technologist, Digimarc

 "He came aboard when we were 

still in the garage.

He named the company and helped us raise the cash we needed."

Rates, Dates and Resources

Speaking, Consulting and Coaching Rates

My fees range  from $5000 to $15,000 dependent on what you are asking me to deliver, the expected results and what we agree to be the best method of delivery. For all cases in the United States I will include travel and incidental expenses in the quoted rate. For international engagements I ask that you provide a round trip business class ticket well before the required travel date.    

For Keynotes, Breakouts and Workshops linked to meetings  I'll ask you to handle the hotel.  

Consulting and coaching fees are on a retainer basis, billed monthly. Incidental expenses are billed in the following month. Minimum engagement is six months.

Upcoming events

About once a month we will update this schedule of appearances:

Resources as promised

Often we provide or are asked to provide audio, video and print resources for our programs. If  we promised it and we can furnish it digitally, you will find it here. Look for the name of your organization.

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